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    We are proud to launch this new initiative which was developed to help buyers and procurement professionals obtain an easy path to savings for their procured goods and services.

    Our Insider Agreements allow businesses to quickly identify common products and services that their business currently uses and obtain instant savings.

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    Running Lean? Need Savings? Don't have time to find the best value from leading suppliers? Don't worry. We've done it for you already. With Master Negotiator, all you have to do is request information on the categories that you are interested in. We will do the work to help you get firm quotes from the suppliers.... All at no cost!

    Do you have sophisticated or complex requirements? Unique service or specification requirements? Do you need a custom agreement?

    Contact us. We have solutions to meet every business need, large or small.

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Insider Deals Savings Categories

Browse our categories below to access instant savings opportunities for your business Click any category below to learn more about obtaining savings for your business with our pre-negotiated deals. If you are interested in a category not listed here, Contact Us and we will see if we can help!
Background Checks & Drug Screening
Custom Manufacturing
Electricity and Utilities
Freight Transportation and Shipping
Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance
Merchant Services
Office Supplies & Equipment
Outsourced Services
Pest Control Solutions
Procurement Training
Work Apparel & Uniforms

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